Illness Industry

Let me get this straight.

...we're going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it,  

passed by members of Congress that have not read it but exempt themselves from it,
to be signed by president Obama who also hasn't read it and who smokes,
with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes,

 all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese. What could possibly go wrong?

The following YouTube video uses the same wording:

All of this of course financed by an economy that needs mouth to mouth resuscitation. And the funniest thing is that there is not a single word about prevention in all these forced illness insurance plans (they call it of course incorrectly, health insurance). If the whole population were to do just 4 minutes of highly effective cardio exercise that increases blood circulation once a day, the Illness Industry would go bankrupt. The illness cost per person per year would drop from its current over $10,000 per person per year to below $3000 per person per year. It is totally criminal that we have allowed the Illness Industry to buy all the politicians they want to pass all the legislation they need to strengthen their visegrip on the illness industry. It is by far the largest cartel in the USA that has grown to 18% of all employment in the country and projected to grow to 20% by the year 2020. That means a yearly income for the Illness Industry of 314 million people times $10,000 per year. That is over $3,140,000,000,000 per year, just over $3 TRILLION per year. That is about the same amount as the total Federal Budget. Amazing but true.

The Illness Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry are not interested in our health, they are only interested in our illness because that is where the money is. There is no money in health. There is only money (big money) in illness. The Illness Industry will do nothing to educate the general public, to teach them how to prevent and cure illness. Of course most doctors do not have the knowledge to educate people even if they wanted to because they learn nothing about it in medical school. The only person that can do something for you to prevent and cure illness is YOU. But you must first learn what you must do to accomplish that. Each one of us is responsible for our own health. We are the only ones that can practice PREVENTION. The ILLNESS INDUSTRY will not do anything that will prevent us from becoming ill because they know little or nothing about prevention and there is no financial incentive in it for them. In fact, creating more health is counter productive to the business they are in. Again, they are not interested in our health. To be sure, most of the employees in the ILLNESS INDUSTRY are not corrupt and mean well for us. It is the top management in the illness industry that knows exactly what they must do to increase profits for themselves and their shareholders. More illness, more tests, more catscans, more operations, more treating and managing illness will fill more hospital beds and , but they don't even know enough about health to keep their own bodies healthy. Just look at all the grossly overfat and diabetic nurses and the unhealthy doctors of which there are many. They all know a lot more about illness, medications and operations. The ILLNESS INDUSTRY has partnered with the Federal government through the FDA to create more illness and absolutely never educate people on how to prevent and cure illness themselves. The fact is that you are the only person who can improve and maintain your own health. The ILLNESS INDUSTRY is not interested in doing anything for your health. They cannot make any money on healthy people because healthy people do not go to the doctor or the hospital.

The corrupt Illness Industry will of course do anything that improves their business. Nothing wrong with that, any business tries its best to make their business bigger and more profitable.That is why we have to listen to ads on television: "Check with your doctor and ask whether xyz&!@^)$%  medication is right for you". Such ads will trigger millions of doctor visits and prescriptions for medications that often make our health even worse. It will later generate hospital visits to fill those $2000 per night hospital beds. And not to forget, all these expensive tests and operations. Average Americans are swallowing a handful of pills every day till the end of their lives. Very profitable for the ILLNESS INDUSTRY (it is actually an illness cartel). There are never ads for "Ask your doctor whether 4 minutes of cardio exercise is good for you" because first of all most doctors know little or nothing about exercise and  nutrition and second it would be very bad for the illness business if everyone were to start exercising and get healthy and stay healthy. On top of that there is the fact that the few people who actually have the discipline to do exercise are doing exercise that creates fitness and not health.

Fortunately for the Illness Industry, exercise is a very difficult thing for us humans to do. When any form of exercise requires 10 minutes or more, 92% of normal people cannot discipline themselves to do exercise. Only 8% of people are abnormal by having the discipline to do exercise routinely. That is why 92% of exercise equipment that people own is not used. All that equipment is totally useless. It is useless because people do not use it, that makes it useless. Only 8% of the population has the discipline to exercise on a regular basis and sadly many of these 8% disciplined people that do exercise every day, wind up doing the wrong type of exercise.What? Is there right and wrong exercise? I thought that any exercise is good? Well, you thought WRONG.

They do exercise that improves their fitness to the point that it actually harms their health. Say what?? That sounds crazy. Most people believe that if they are fit that they are healthy and if they are more fit that they are more healthy. They also believe that the more exercise they do the healthier they will be. So what is this nonsense about harming your health with too much fitness? To get the answer to that question you have to read "Too Fit for Health". Very interesting that the Illness Industry is not interested in learning these facts about exercise and to teach the general public how to stay healthy and cure illness. A little fitness is good, but too much fitness harms your health. That sounds strange, because most of us believe that "if you are fit you are healthy". Even worse, many believe that the more fit they are the healthier they are. The fact is that  

The only certain way in which people wil be on an exercise program is when they have a job that requires physical work that gets their heart pumping vigorously for at least a few minutes per day to reach the highest degree of oxygen consumption, also called VO2max because that is the kind of exercise the heart needs to increase the strength of the pumping stroke and increase the . Most people assume that they get the benefit of greater bood circulation during the exercise and that is an incorrect assumption, because the benefit from intense cardiovasculaar exercise results from the increase in stroke volume pumped by the heart per heartbeat. A good stroke volume per heart beat is 70 or more milliliters per beat. That results in a total of more than 2500 gallons or 9500 liters of blood pumped per day.  

Even after those first few minutes the benefit of increased bloodflow to all 50 trillion cells in your body will continnue for many hours, but at a much reduced level. A job as a package delivery driver for United Parcel or Fedex is an example of such healthy jobs that deliver the right type of exercise that results in more blood circulation to all the 50 trillion cells in the body. Or in former times farmers used to live to 95 and to over 100 because they got their heart pumping that way during the performance of their daily tasks as a farmer, but mostly they did not reach VO2max levels, but they still got an average higher volume of blood circulation all the hours during which they did their physical farmwork. As soon as they started purchasing tractors and motorized farm machinery they lost their health and their lifespan dropped by 15 to 25 years. Walking is an exercise with which you will never reach VO2max, but you will indeed get more blood circulation to all 50 trillion cells DURING the walking and hardly any after you stop the walking. During running, you will get much more bloodflaw through the muscles you use during during running but less blood circulation to all the during

Good genes and a good diet were not the reasons why these farmers aged so slowly, were in good health and lived so long. It was the physical labor that gave these farmers the correct exercise that is needed for slow aging and good health. Why was it the exercise and not diet and good genes? Because as soon as farmers started buying tractors and other motorized farm equipment, their life-span was 20 years shorter and they developed the same illnesses as the non-farming population. Their genes and their diet certainly  did not change after they had purchased the motorized farm equipment.

At the time when farmers had no motorized farm equipment and consequently were healthy, aged slowly and had a long life-span, there were other occupation groups that also did a lot of physical work and consequently got a lot of exercise during their working hours, but it was the wrong type of exercise that resulted in illness and a 20 year shoter life-span. Those were steelworkers, harbor dockworkers and other heavy industry workers.

What was the difference between the different forms of exercise the farmers did and the exercise the steel- and dockworkers got? The farmers did high-intensity interval training with frequent rest periods in between. If for example they would load a wagon with bales of hay or any other task they had to do, they did it until they were out of breath and then they took a rest and had a cup of tea. After a short rest they again worked fast and hard until they took another rest. This is high intensity short duration interval training, the good type of exercise that will result in slower aging, good health and a long life. Work that is done in short intense spurts to the point of exhaustion and requires a short rest, is the best exercise for health and longevity.

The steelworkers and other heavy industry workers worked all day at a pace they could sustain for 8 to 10 hours per day without frequent breaks. Work that is of a constant nature that will be done at a level of activity, where it does not require frequent breaks, is the wrong type of exercise for health and longevity and it will frequently result in illness and a shorter life-span. How come and what is the difference?  






The only hope for the normal average 92% of us undisciplined people (I am one of the 92% undisciplined people), is a very expensive ROM360 (Range of Motion High Intensity  Interval Training) machine. It is an exercise machine that delivers very high health results from EXACTLY 4 minutes of exercise per day It only requires EXACTLY 4 minutes of discipline per day.